Build your own newsfeed with Miniflux

You can have a newsfeed with only content that you want to see, no algorithms dictating what a company feels you need to see, no data collection, and no advertising. Miniflux is an opensource, self-hostable tool that not only acts as a rss feed reader, but displays content cleanly and neatly without ads and is trivial to setup, offering a variety of ways to do so. Not only that, but pairs easily with a mobile app that you can share stories from, archive stories, or delete them from your feed altogether.

Miniflux offers deb, rpm, and apk packages as well as pre-compiled binaries and even a docker image. It can run on both amd64 and arm 32 and 64 bit architectures. There is a package for yunohost or you could always build from source.

Once installed, add your feeds by searching for your favorite sites with “rss” in the search. Click the feeds tab within Miniflux and paste in your feeds and choose refresh. From there you're set and able to read the stories and articles YOU choose instead of those chosen for you.